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Since 1976, Island Spring Organics has been in the business of good health — making tofu and tofu-based products at our plant on Vashon Island in Washington State. We have grown from a small cottage industry, occupying an outbuilding on the Island's westside, to an established producer of healthy soybean-based products in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Mission

Island Spring Organics produces the highest quality soyfoods using natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients and pure water. We lead the industry by developing procedures and practices which exceed regulatory requirements. We provide a positive work environment and encourage employee input. We conduct business mindful of the environment and our community.

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Island Spring Organics is proud to serve as PCC Natural Market's Deli Tofu Provider! Learn more about our longstanding partnership with PCC.





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Our Founder

William Matthew Lukoskie (aka Luke), the owner of Island Spring Organics, is sometimes referred to with a smile as the "Emperor of Tofu." One of the first Western producers of certified organic tofu in North America, Luke has spent four decades perfecting the art of crafting artisanal tofu products at his certified organic tofu plant on Vashon Island Washington.

Tofu is a well recognized ingredient throughout the world, found in dishes ranging from spicy stir fries to creamy frozen desserts. But in the mid-1970s, when Luke introduced Americans to the popular Asian staple, tofu was often viewed in the United States as an exotic mystery. Little was known in Western culinary circles at that time about the endless flavor and texture possibilities of this high-protein product made from soybeans.

If you'd met Luke in those days -- a post-graduate student at the University of Washington, working at a local organic food co-op, driving an old Volkswagen bug, and dreaming of saving the world -- you'd have understood why his mother described him as "a good clean hippie." In 1975, when he read "The Book of Tofu", Luke had an organic epiphany, realizing what a miracle food tofu could become for the people of America. That's when he knew, in an instant, what he wanted to do with his life.

For Luke, tofu is far more than a uniquely nutritious vegetarian source of protein. Tofu is a foundation for a healthy and spiritually positive long-term choice for people and the planet than is the traditional American diet, which still includes large servings of animal meat on dining tables across the country. For Luke Lukoskie, tofu is a calling.

Island Spring Organics was conceived in 1976 when Luke invested virtually everything he had to found the tiny company. His first small batch of tofu was made at home in a 14x14-foot space on Vashon Island, using pure water from an island spring. Luke's life-long passion for sharing the miracle of tofu was taking root. He worked grueling hours through many challenging start-up years to personally master every detail of the delicate process required for handcrafting quality fresh organic tofu then delivering it quickly and safely to market. Over time and without compromise he built the treasured Island Spring Organics reputation for taste, quality, and reliability.

Luke now produces almost a million pounds of certified organic Non-GMO tofu and other soy-based products every year with a talented team of employees at his now 7,000-square-foot Vashon Island Tofu Crafting Kitchen. Discerning consumers in search of organic, non-GMO tofu will find classic Island Spring Organics products at regional grocers and fine restaurants and delis throughout the Pacific Northwest -- including PCC Natural markets, which purchased Luke's very first pound of tofu and still carries ISO organic products in each of their Seattle-area stores.

Today, Luke is a proud father to three accomplished, powerful, and healthy tofu-daughters. He remains focused on healthy, spiritually positive food, and he is unwilling to rest until his dream of serving fine organic tofu on every table in America comes true.


How is tofu made?

Tofu is made from whole dried soybeans, water, and coagulants — in our case magnesium chloride (an extract of sea water), and calcium sulfate (mined from deep mines in the U.S). The certified organic soybeans are soaked in pure water for 16 hours and then ground. The resulting slurry is cooked at high temperatures, and then the pure soymilk is extracted. Coagulants are added to the hot soymilk and tofu curds begin to form. Once fully formed, the resulting curds are pressed, cut, packaged and quickly cooled to maintain freshness. Our tofu is made to order, and then delivered to our distributors on our own temperature controlled delivery truck.

How do I handle tofu?

Tofu is very sensitive to temperature and should always be held at 38 degrees or less. Once opened, we recommend keeping your tofu in an airtight container with fresh water. Exchanging the water daily will help maintain freshness. Opened tofu should be used within the week.

Can I freeze tofu?

You can! Freezing tofu will give it a completely different texture than fresh tofu, many people compare it to a more “meaty” texture. After freezing your tofu allow it to thaw and then squeeze the water out of the block of tofu. You will notice that the structure of the tofu has changed and that it has a little more spring to it. Try crumbling thawed tofu into your next scramble or use for tacos — you won’t believe how good it is!

I’ve heard that too much soy is bad for you. Is this true?

There are lots of conflicting reports about the benefits of consuming soy. Clinical studies have shown that eating soy can lower cholesterol and the risk of certain types of breast and prostate cancer. Concerns about too much soy and possible effects on hormone levels are generally referring to highly processed soy that is used as a filler ingredient in other highly processed foods. Island Spring Organics tofu is a minimally processed, organic, non-gmo whole food. We believe the key is in moderation — eat healthy amounts of good food and your body will thank you!


We hope you enjoy some of our favorite recipes.

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